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Hot Hot Hot!

Hot Hot Hot! Today was nasty hot! If I was on a beach it wouldn’t have been so nasty but had to keep up with inspections in my hives so I went through 42 hives today. I had about 4 liters of water and 2 500ml Gatorade and a coffee. Went through it all before getting home. Bees are doing very well. I just have one more yards to go through tomorrow to get caught up and it only has about 20 so quite happy about that. I put this picture on because I took it yesterday but forgot to post it. These are the type of results that you want when you are tested in the ORHBS program. Each of these circles are from the tech transfer team freezing the pupae under the capping with liquid nitrogen. Then the bees have to sense that the pupae are dead and remove them from the cell and out of the hive. By using this information we can select better queens for breading.

~ Scott Ferrier