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Beekeeping is a very rewarding hobby. When you start you will find yourself wanting to go into the hive often, because you find out it is not a scary thing at all, you become attached to your hive and the little creatures that live in it. There is great satisfaction knowing that without you they can not survive. There used to be wild honey bees but these days with verroa mites and american foul brood it is not possible for them to live without a beekeeper to take care of them and control these pests and spores.

One of the things you need to consider in this fast paced world we live in is the time comittment you will need to make to take care of your bees.This is about 1/2 hour every 7-8 days on average (this can be adjusted if you have holidays or work away from home) to check for space, evidence of a queen, make sure there are no queen cells and make sure that your brood looks healthy (no pinholes, and no mumified larvae).

Now that you know you can commit that amount of time you are ready for the big leap! Keep in mind all the equipment to get started can be used over and over or even resold it is just the initial cost. these things can be used for a long time. I have a box at home that is over 100 years old and I have an extractor that was made in the 1920's (using it for display puposes only because it is galvanized). Point being it is long lasting.

A nucleus colony (nuc) is the best way to start for a new beekeeper. A 4 frame nuc is a small colony with the standard being two frames of brood, 1 frame of honey and pollen and a pulled frame for the queen to lay in. The box is full of bees with a queen eaither in a cage or loose in the hive. People sell different variations of this but this is the most common and is what I came up with when I first researched it. Approx Price in Canada is $200. and they can't be imported because of the different laws in place to protect our bees from variose desease that other countries have. The reason I say the nuc is the best way to start is it only has about 10,000 bees in it and when you put that in a 10 frame box it doesn't seem like very many bees compaired to opening a box with 50,000 bees. At least in my experience that is what i find.

Now the nuc needs to expand into a 8 or 10 frame deep hive body because the bees are always expanding during summer when there is a nectar flow. They just build and build until fall when it starts to cool down. Your two boxes that hold ten frames each with a bottom board, inner cover, lid and 16 frames will cost you approx. $140. now you can attempt to make these (all but the frames) but you must be sure the frames will fit.

Other things you will need is protective clothing, hive tool and depending on how well your bees do you may need another super with frames for a honey super and a queen excluder. Then come September you will need to think about treating your bees for mites,American Foul Brood and Nosema.

You can order most of these things from a bee supply store. You will also need a winter wrap which may be purchased at a bee suppie store or you can do some research and wrap them using your own imagination, but the main thing is that you need to insulate the inner cover and make sure they have ventilation at the top and the bottom. You also have to make sure they have enough food. A double brood box hive should be 80 to 100 pounds. If not you need to feed them with two parts sugar and one part water. After you have done all of these things you can take a rest from your bees for the winter.

Spring for your bees starts around March 15 to the first of April, wait for a nice day around 8 to 10 degrees C. Open the box and put in a pollen paddy (you can buy from a bee supply store for $2. or make your own with a little research) and some syrup using a mixture of one part sugar to one part water. Much thinner then the fall because you are trying to simulate a nectar flow to make the queen start laying eggs to boost population for the summer to come. Then just leave them wrapped until the temp. is well above zero consistantly during the day. bees will not fly much until the temp is above 8 degrees C. below that they just stay in a ball in the hive.

I hope this helps you to better understand what is required and doesnt discourage anyone from starting to keep bees. it is not as hard as it sounds and it doesnt seemdifficult at all because you get so much joy from it. and you get more vegetables from your garden, nicer flower beds, more fruit from your trees not to mention what you are doing for native plants and wildlife that need the wild berries and other fruits and nuts. OH YA just about forgot you get your own honey that comes as a byproduct of all the fun and joy you get from having your own bees.

So for initial cost nucleus colony $200.
Double brood box hive with all parts $140.
Protective clothing and tools $80 - 100

Total aprox $420. But most can be reused or sold if you loose interest.
Scott Ferrier - Ferrier's Maplebee Farm

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