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Nucs & Queens Page

Local Queens PN-804
Price: $50.00
They are available for June 1st.


Imported Queens PN-803
Price: $40.00
They are available for May 1st.

Nucleus Colony
Price: $250.00
$150 Non Refundable Deposit When Ordering.
Limited Quantity, Order Early.
Now taking orders for nucs Spring 2023
Price: $2000.00 (tax included) With a $1000.00 deposit when ordering.
The balance due when you pick up your kit in June.
2- 4 frame nucleus colonies, 2 hive kits with beeswax frames (each hive kit includes. screen bottom board,two deep boxes assembled and painted, 20 deep beeswax frames, inner cover, telescopic hive cover and an entrance reducer mouse guard), 2 medium supers, 20 medium frames with rite cell foundation, 2 deluxe metal queen excluders, 2 deluxe quebec bee escapes,1 standard smoker, 1 J hive tool, 1 pair of beekeepers gloves, 1 full body bee suit. Free instructional Youtube video,telephone and online support available to help you along your beekeeping journey. Thank you.

All pricing is subject to change without notice.