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The Day and Age

This is facebook and in this day and age this will probably offend someone but it is not meant to offend or discredit anyone.

I just want to say watch who you listen to when it comes to how good bees are from one supplier or another. I have heard some stories about the bees people get from some other suppliers that were just not good and I say to myself how can they sell bees like that. I am sure that they have heard the same things about the bees people get from me. The thing is you have to think about where you are hearing it. For instance I bought some single hives once and most of them were ok. They weren't great and some of them when I opened them wouldn't even make a good 4 frame nuc. I didn't go around telling people this because I know how to operate a bee business. There is no point in trying to discredit anyone. Once you buy bees and take them home they are your responsability so you do what you need to do in order to help them out to become what you want them to be.

I sold bees to someone and they came to me and said the bees I got from you are so aggressive I can't even go into them. So I went to their place to see what they were talking about. They had put them in a shed because they didn't want to put up an electric fence and they had heard that they should have some shade. You couldn't get in the building and they would be trying to sting you. I said why would you put them in a building, your bees need to be in full sunlight. So we moved them into the sunlight and they were totally different bees. This is the same when I have 100 nucs at a time in my yard in the spring. I can go through all of the nucs in the yard in my shorts with no shirt but when I get to the ones that are shaded by the birch tree in my yard I have to put on a full suit. This has been happening for years.

If someone tells you that they got bees from someone and they didn't even get into the second box before winter don't just think that the bees you get from there are no good because it is most likely a failure on the beekeepers end. When that happens it could be a lot of different reasons for it, such as a swarm that they didn't see or a failing queen that they didn't replace or no queen at all. That is just a few scenarios. Once you buy bees they are your baby. The queen could get killed in transport from the supplier to you. If this happens you should know within 4 to 5 days because there will be queen cells being pulled in the hive. If you manage them properly there won't be a problem. In this case you would call someone that sells queens and get another queen then rip down all of the queen cells in the hive and put the new queen in. You don't want to wait for the queen they are pulling because that will set your hive back by another 20 days.

Anyway the main reason for posting this is that most queen and nuc producers know what they are doing and they won't rip you off and they won't sell you mean bees. Of course you get what you pay for usually, so if you can find a nucleus colony for $150. don't expect to get the same quality as one for $240. Don't listen to a new beekeeper that thinks they were ripped off because they may have unitentionally done something themselves and didn't realize it and them didn't do anything to correct it because they didn't know they had a problem.

Also If you live in northern Ontario quit listening to the people that live in Florida where they need to keep their bees in the shade. Here in northern Ontario keep your bees in full sun as much of the day as possible and they will do well. Yes there will be a very few days that they have to try to cool the hive but all the other days will benefit your bees and they won't be cranky unless the nectar flow dries up in which case most hives are more cranky then when the nectar is flowing.

If you want to get pointers about your bees find someone that has at least 6 hives and that have been doing it for at least 3 years because these are the people that have already been taken to school by their bees and they have been through the difficult times and succeeded.

You also need to know you can't learn everything you need to know by asking questions and reading. You need to buy bees and get started because the easiest way to learn about bees is to be taught by the bees themselves.

~ Scott Ferrier

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